Legend of Solgard Trailer

Legend of Solgard Launch Trailer

Legend of Solgard - Embla Intro

Legend of Solgard Trailer

In early 2018, Ironklad Studios lent a hand to Expanse in order to texture the characters for the trailers of Legend of Solgard, King's new mobile game.

I was in charge of building the texturing team, handling communications between Ironklad Studios and Expanse as well as texturing the skin and eyes of all characters.

Producer: Fredrik Fottland
CG Supervisor: Jonas Martin Larsen
Lead Texture Artist: Vincent Ménier
Texture Artists: Zoran Ratic & Aleksandar Fodor

While we weren't directly in contact, Hector Moran did the 3D models for all the characters and Francesco Lupo did the grooming. Go check out their work here:

Final texture tweaks by the talented team at Expanse.

All images ©King and ©Expanse.