The Gravity Sword

The Gravity Sword

Continuing my handpainted adventures, I present to you The Gravity Sword !

This is a project I did during my mentorship at BrushForge. I can't thank Kelvin Tan and Rob Sevilla enough for their invaluable feedback. I've enjoyed learning from them as well as from the other students.

Here is its story :)

Governments collapsed and corporations took over. Ultracapitalism accelerated the exploitation of Earth’s resources to the point where space exploration became necessary for survival. As corps expanded, they started fighting over the control of every planet, every moon… Earth’s weapons being useless in space, new weapons were needed to conquer the solar system.

Researchers harnessed the power of gravity and created The Gravity Sword, a weapon whose grav-accelerator allowed it to free itself from lo-g constraints. The Gravity Sword would hit at a speed and strength unmatched even by Earth’s standards.